AmpliPhi offers a world-class bacteriophage technology platform and cGMP dedicated bacteriophage manufacturing platform for human and animal antibacterial therapeutics

The company’s proprietary technology, broad patent portfolio and extensive library of phages provide potential applications for a wide range of human and animal infection treatments. In addition to commercial and development partnerships, AmpliPhi seeks collaborations that will enable us to utilize our expertise, technology and cGMP-manufacturing platform to expand the application of phage for human therapeutics. These opportunities include:

Lead Generation

  • Optimized phage isolation, identification and characterization program
  • Existing libraries include 1000s of phage, targeting multiple clinical bacterial pathogens
  • Environmental isolation may augment library depending on partners’ needs
  • Multi-step characterization process to identify potential product liabilities

Lead Optimization

  • Once qualified phage have been validated, we assess the multifactorial potential of distinct phage mixes
  • Multiple optimized phage mixes will continue through testing to minimize downstream surprises

Clinical Enablement

  • When a final clinical candidate is selected, studies may be performed for supporting IND information
  • AmpliPhi has all capabilities necessary to produce an IND-enabling cGMP drug product
  • Only dedicated and validated cGMP bacteriophage manufacturing facility in the world

To learn more about AmpliPhi’s technology, with a view to collaborating on future developments, please contact: Matt Dansey, Manager of Business Development at, +1 (858) 800 4869